The Other Stuff

Most people have some idea of what I mean when I say I'm a photographer. But most people, it seems, have less of an idea of what it is I do as a Production Manager. Usually the questions goes something like this "I saw you tagged on Facebook as Production Manager, what is that?"

Well here is a little behind the scenes look at a commercial photo shoot we did this summer for the new RE Camera by HTC.  It was just announced at their Double Exposure event in NYC. 

My job, essentially, is to make sure there are no hurdles that could interfere with the photographers creative process. From hiring the team, to shopping for props, securing locations and permits, reviewing images and making sure the set looks perfect, to feeding everyone and of course making sure we have all the shots the client needs,  just to name a few things. 

For a list of gear that was used, head on over to Tim's blog

I hope you enjoyed a look at what we do. Huge thanks to the team we had!!

Team Photographer- Tim Engle 

Video/BTS -Edward Khoma 

Production -Christine Alward

1st assistant -David Harlan

Wardrobe Stylist - Simone Vianna

Hair/Makeup -Jenifer Haupt

Models- Melissa Brown & Hub Marc