The Eastern Sierra

Last weekend I had the chance to go on a photo adventure with my mom. We've been going on trips for a few years now, usually to Yosemite, but we've also branched out to the Eastern Sierra along Route 395. 

The landscapes here are otherworldly. From towering mountain ranges to vast valleys and the Mono Tufas, it's easy to imagine yourself on another planet. It's a popular trip for photographers in the fall as the many lakes and canyons are filled with Aspens and vibrant colors. 

Unlike trips in the fall, we were completely alone on our winter excursion. Instead of trying to jockey for a spot to shoot Lundy Lake, I was able to take in the almost deafening silence of the socked in Mono Lake at sunrise. 

My hair even froze

My hair even froze

At a cool 15 degrees, I did have some issues with my gear freezing up on me. It took about 30-45 seconds in-between each photo for the file to render. I started to panic, I had a warm battery and a warm memory card in the pocket of my down coat, but even after switching out the cold battery, the camera was still operating very slowly. Luckily, this sunrise was different than most. Usually its a race against time to get the sky as it changes colors before the sun is up all the way. But the thick fog gave me as much time to shoot as I wanted. So I reset my gear again, and was able to to shoot at a normal pace after removing my remote shutter release receiver. 

As I look at these images, I find myself obsessing over the subtle changes and textures. The natural gradient the fog provided,  the snow covered Tufas, the thin sheet of ice on the water, the hoar frost indicating how still the environment had been. They all allow me time to quiet my mind.

I hope perhaps you can find yourself a quiet moment as well as you look through a few of my favorites. 



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